Global Grief in America


“Wild Sage” by Catherine Tappouni Burkee

Every single day we are inundated with the tragedies and sorrows of people around the world. Recently, several tragedies have come to us in our home, the United States. Boston has been added to the burden of grief we carry after Newtown and Hurricane Sandy and Colorado. It is impossible to watch and listen to what is happening around us without taking the emotions of grief, sadness and loss into our bodies.

Our cells store these emotions, often with our personal emotions of grief learned throughout a life of losses. We feel what the survivors are feeling, and we grieve with them. This connection with others is part of our human-ness, but it’s important that we recognize when we are accepting more than our body can handle. We Signs that this is true can be as simple as finding ourselves sighing deeply throughout the day to great fatigue, to avoiding going out or even taking to our beds with acute depression or unexplained illness.  Being aware is absolutely essential. Once you are aware, then you can begin to address your heart-broken state.We don’t want to disconnect with others, because this connection is the Truth of our human nature, but we need to heal our own wounds.

In “The Gifts of Grief: Finding Light in the Darkness of Loss” I start with a meditation on the heart. I ask you to “see” your heart with its woundings apparent on the surface. Breathe deeply into your heart’s space for a minute or two. Then thank your heart for being sensitive to the grief of others and imagine the breath of gratitude for what your heart does to wash over your heart like warm green water. Imagine your heart healing on its surface, and then deeper, as you take slow deep breaths. Sit quietly for a few minutes, and return to your day. Come back and do this very short but very powerful visualization throughout your day. It’s heart and life saving. Until next time, blessings and peace to all who mourn.

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