Therese is blessed with many reviews of her award-winning books

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“Thank you for your luminous, loving books.
They are as inspiring as they are evocative of who we really are and what we may really be.”
—Jean Houston, PhD
Scholar, Philosopher, Teacher
A primary Founder, The Human Potential Movement

“The Gifts of Grief” Reviews

“’The Gifts of Grief’ is beautiful and moving.
 I worked with Therese when she provided her poetic interpretations of my music
for the recent CD release ‘Tapestry,’
and quickly learned what an exceptional writer she is.
A kindred spirit, I feel Therese addresses the same quality my music does.
I do not try to analyze my music, other than that it is from the heart, for the heart. Therese’s writing does this effortlessly, and we all benefit from her wonderful talent of unearthing so beautifully the ways of the heart.”

—Michael Hoppé, Producer, Composer, Musician
Creator of Grammy™-nominated CDs and the beautiful award-winning short film “Nous Deux Encore” (Together Again). His work has been short-listed for an Oscar™

“’The Gifts of Grief’ is elegantly written, practical in its methods, and can help
many, many people to overcome the effects of loss and tragedy in their lives.
Therese’s personal experience and her heart-centric approach
 to understanding grief is truly inspirational.”

– Howard Martin,
 EVP, HeartMath©
Co-author, The HeartMath Solution
Board Member, The Global Coherence Initiative
Howard speaks worldwide on advancing human performance through compelling scientific research linking heart function with health, emotional well being and intelligence.

“Grieving is a healing process.
 It cannot be avoided, but must be gone through to be healed.
Everyone experiences grief and loss in their own way. 
The pain, despair, and suffering of loss, is unavoidable in our life. 
The author, Therese Tappouni, experienced it in one of the most exquisitely painful ways;
the loss of a child, her son, on his bicycle that was struck by a truck in 1974.
Although each of us experiences grief in our own way,
Tappouni draws upon close to three decades of her own healing to write this powerful book that transcends the uniqueness of our grief to the salience
of the process of recovery and healing.
She guides you through all the steps that make grief a truly healing process…
and even to find the gifts of grief. 
The pages ahead will take you from discovering your courage
to moving through the despair and dark night of the soul, the pain of loss and confusion,
and into the stages of healing your mind, heart, and soul. 
The exercises and resources provided in this book will carry you
over, around and through the obstacles and resistance to discovering greater strength, courage, creativity, and ultimately the gratitude
for the gifts you acquire in the healing process of grieving.
There are many gifts for the reader in this book.
You will not feel as alone in your grieving for Tappouni lets you feel the depth
of her genuine desire to be your guide and the fullest sense of integrity
that she knows the way through all the stages of grief.
She will help you discover your courage to face the unacceptable pain
and to feel the assurance that you will make it back in to the light of life again. 
You will also discover the gift of your power to transform the pain
into feelings you can manage, and ultimately into memories of your loved one
that you can cherish with joy. Grieving is a healing process…
and this book by Tappouni gives you the resources, comfort, confidence, courage,
and gifts of grief that only a genuine healer can.

– Dr. Steven Gurgevich, Psychologist, Clinical Asst. Professor of Medicine
The Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine
University of Arizona College of Medicine (Tucson, AZ)

“The Promise” Reviews

“Therese Tappouni has woven the mystical into the practical…or more accurately,
has elevated the practical to the mystical.
The Promise is a touchstone for those of us who believe we have come to the earthwalk
at this moment in time to reunify our daily physical to our Source infinite.
“The Promise” is what it says: a sacred assurance for those with the courage to live the true feminine here at the messy edges of the changing paradigm at the birth of the 21st century.
As Therese weaves the threads of her truth into a numinous cloak, you will sense
Spirit envelopes you with your own soul’s truth.
If you believe that fulfillment comes when we feel a sustained connection with Divine Oneness, The Promise is an essential encounter for your path now.

– Phyllis Kirk, JD, Futurist, Writer, Teacher
Wisdom and Wealth Counselor

“This exquisite book offers profound and moving answers to our deepest heart questions.
It is a revelation of beauty, wisdom, heart-breaking and heart-aching personal experience,
and a gentle guide to a path of joyous fulfillment of life’s Spritual Promise.
I find it inspiring, moving and gallant.”

– Peggy Rubin, Director, The Center for Sacred Theatre
Principal Teaching Associate, Jean Houston’s Mystery Schools & Social Artistry programs

“Walking Your Walk” TV Reviews

“How do I find time for myself, my spiritual life?
Of course, start by reading this book.
It helps quite a bit…being able to use some of the ideas, some of the tips, some of the thoughts.”

–Michelle Mercker, “Southland Today”
KDOC TV (Irvine, CA)

More TV Reviews

“One woman’s amazing journey that really brings her stories to life.
You’ve written some very fabulous books here, Therese.
Thanks for giving us some inspiration this holiday season.”

– Darryl Tardy, Host
“Good Morning Jacksonville”, TV Channel12 & 25 (Jacksonville, FL)

“Therese Tappouni and Lance Ware, stress counselors, are here –
people who can tell us how to deal with frustration.
If you’re feeling overwhelmed, this is going to be helpful to you.
Stressed out? Or maybe you just want to learn how to relax?
Lance and Therese are here with some important tips on how you can unwind.
They helped me today take good compliments, because I’m not good at it.”
Great guests: I hope you’ll come back.”

– Tracy Edwards and Brian, Hosts
“Day Time”, NBC-TV/WFLA (Tampa, FL)