Walking Your Walk




by Therèse Amrhein Tappouni

A Woman’s Guide to a Spirit Filled Life

Through the influence of her workshop participants, Therèse has created a book that can be used as a reference or consolation during times of crisis or a normal day. The book is divided into two parts—the inward spirit and the outer spirit—making it easy to choose the day’s reading. There are exercises and affirmations for those who like a more directed approach. A wise and gentle voice becomes a companion on the journey that all women walk, letting us know we are heard, we are honored and we are already home.

From Walking Your Walk:
From Section One, Chapter Two: “Choice”
“Choose to change your perspective. If there is nothing in the current situation that adds to your life in a positive way, walk away. Walk away with love, but walk away. The others involved in the situation will be no more productive than you if you have looked with a whole heart and found nothing there worth saving. You must allow others those same choices. I don’t mean you have to understand those choices. Sometimes that is not possible in the moment. Later, perspectives will change again and you may find Grace where there was grief. Again, the message is all about being true to yourself the best way that you can, in the moment. Notice what you do to create a life of conscious choice, and give yourself credit if nothing else is happening in the moment but your noticing. That may be enough, for now.”

Today, I vow to look at everything from more than one point of view. I have the autonomy of looking in a new way and changing my thoughts.

“This is a wonderful book…one that I keep by my bedside. It always has a new message for me.”
Kate Daniels, host of Exceptional Women on 106.9 FM, Seattle, Washington

“How do I find time for myself, my spiritual life? Of course, start by reading Walking Your Walk.”
Michelle Mercker, host of Southland Today, KDOC TV, Irvine, CA

“This book is written as a woman’s guide, but this (male) reviewer found wisdom for both sexes. If you’ve been seeking a better life, rich in guidance, spirituality and profound insight, I urge you to read this book.”
Richard Fuller, Senior Editor Metaphysical Reviews

“A great resource for a women’s group! This is the type of book one keeps, underlines, refers to again and again…buys for their friends, either in times of need or as gifts.”
Writer’s Digest

Walking Your Walk provides help for women on how to reconnect with themselves and enjoy life’s journey. Therèse shares ways to hone creativity, forgive, love and connect with children, mate and community. Recommended.”
The St. Petersburg Times