On this CD: Music by award-winning composer Michael Hoppé, poems by Therèse Tappouni, photos from turn of the century photographer E.O. Hoppé and short movie titled “Nous Deaux Encore.”

From Spring Hill Music, Grammy winner Michael Hoppé’s evocative melodic artistry is joined by poet Therèse Tappouni’s sensitive and moving poems written for each piece, along with turn-of-the-century photos by celebrated photographer E.O. Hoppé. Multiple guest musicians are featured on the pieces. The CD is enhanced by “Nous Deaux Encore” (Together Again), Heather Harlow’s multi-award winning short film scored by Hoppé. Michael’s music has been recorded by singers and instrumentalists including Vangelis, the Prague Symphony, Tim Wheater, Zamphir, Alyssa Park and many more. He has received several gold and platinum albums and The Yearning won CD of the Year. Therèse was asked by Michael to write a piece for each composition. Here is her introduction to the booklet inside the CD:

Some of these poems were inspired by, and written to, Michael’s heart-focused compositions. Others, I discovered, felt as if we had both been drinking from a similar creative well. A composition of Michael’s titled “Moonflower”, a poem of mine published in “Night Gardening: Passionate Poems for the Beloved” celebrating moonflowers; a piece by Michael titled “Tears and Roses”, one to my beloved titled “Roses are Enough”; Michael’s “Sanctuary”, my “Awakening”.
Beginning with “Prairie Moon”, the other pieces on this astonishing CD inspired their own poems. It is truly a tapestry of life, evoking birth, love, marriage, grief and death. I have been gifted by Michael’s generous spirit with this opportunity to express a poet’s heart response to his heart’s music. I am grateful.

Therèse, Indian Shores, FL 2010