Night Gardening


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Passionate Poems for the Beloved
by Therèse Tappouni & Lance Ware

This is a gorgeous book of sensual poetry written by two people in relationship to each other—one call and one response at a time. This book has been used by many couples to write their wedding vows. Never before a book of such beauty and craft written by two people in love who happen to be poets. You will not want to put it down. Night Gardening is divided into sections, each one illustrated with lush photographs, available in full or partial color.

Section I: Tender Invitation. A section devoted to poems written while on the search for the soul-mate beloved.
Section II: First Embrace. A poetic journey into the liquid flow of love from the first meeting, and the tentative and courageous steps into choosing love.
Section III: Drunk on Your Words. The first of two of the more erotic sections, rooted in the physical love of the newly mated couple.
Section IV: Night Gardening. The second section that is rich in the language of sexual connection layered with a deepening commitment to the couple’s love.
Section V: Love Letters. This chapter details feelings engendered by closeness and the fear that closeness can arouse in us, along with the sadness at times of separation.
Section VI: Ecstasy on the Journey. This is the rest of life’s journey as a soul-mated couple—the times of deepening, the times of spiritual growth through love, the journey to the end of this life.

I feel your garden growing moist
within my hands. Rock and rest
with me upon a dancing land.

–from “Full Moon” by Lance

you bring me flowers that wet
the sheets, live forever, anoint
you with the scent of love.
-from “Roses are Enough” by Therèse

Night Gardening is great. Your loving passionate relationship turned me on.
The images took me away. I wanted to steal them!”
Marty Balin, songwriter, founder of
Jefferson Airplane, lead singer for
Jefferson Starship

“You gave me goose bumps!”
Mario Machado, host of the PM Show,
CRN, Los Angeles

“Thank you for your luminous, loving books. They are as inspiring as they are evocative of who we are and what we may really be.”
Dr. Jean Houston, internationally
honored author, scholar, philosopher.

“Bravo! Here are poems for the heart. May the rich and touching images of Night Gardening nourish your soul as they do mine.”
Alan Cohen, internationally known
teacher, musician, workshop
director and author.

“…a fabulous and energetic variety of poems about love, passion and beyond. Well done!”
Writer’s Digest

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