Me and Green




by Therèse Amrhein Tappouni, Mary Tappouni, Catherine Burkee

In gorgeous, glossy color, this is a beautiful book that empowers children, teachers and parents to love and nurture Mother Earth. Through information and skills from recycling to school projects, Me and Green is a one-of-a-kind creation of an award-winning author Therese Tappouni, in collaboration with a Green building entrepreneur and an educator. Recommended by principals, reading specialists and green advocates, you’ll want to buy several for the children, teachers and parents in your life.

A collaboration of award-winning author Therèse Tappouni; State of Florida Small Business Person of the year in 2009 and owner of Breaking Ground Contracting, Mary Tappouni; and educator, reading specialist and director of Breaking Ground Education Services, Catherine Burkee. Mother and daughters, their commitment to children and the planet led them to begin this series of books to help children discover their own ability to impact Mother Earth.

Through the use of illustrations and examples from real life, the book guides children, parents and teachers to exercises and examples that are easy to use, understand and implement in the real world.

“A visionary journal of natural science that invokes both the wonder of our shared environment and the perils it faces. Embracing the resilient world of nature, Me and Green explores the science behind conserving and protecting our most precious resources. An absolute must read if you value the vision of a sustainable world for your children…An essential addition to any school library.”
Kim Bednerak, Associate Head of School, Discovery Montessori, Jacksonville

Me and Green addresses the children who will love and make a difference to our Earth, and includes a special section for teachers and parents, along with a section of useful websites for parents and children. Many examples are as simple as recycling in prepaid bags through Terracycle, planting small gardens and creating a home and school environment that supports sustainability.