Caught Between Worlds: Tom, Mikhail and Alexander the Great




“This shape-shifting, coming of age novel deciphers the timeless mysteries of history, life, love, flying, death, grief, and beyond. You’ll discover magic: there’s more than one portal into the worlds of Tom, Mikhail and Alexander the Great. “Caught Between Worlds” slings you into the next dimension of adventure and courage, of life-saving cultural cooperation, whether you’re seven or seventy seven.”
–Lance Ware, Editor

Tom O’Hara of Tampa, Florida goes to Baghdad, Iraq with his father, John, who accepts a job representing the U.S. in restarting trade with the new Iraqi regime. This is in 1980, nearly a year after the death of Tom’s mother Annie. Both he and his father are stunned by grief and make some choices that, in retrospect, were not too smart. His mom was a historian and wrote about Alexander the Great and she and her son talked a lot about his life and times. In Iraq, Tom meets a soul friend, Mikhail Rassam who is also deep into the life of Alexander. When Tom’s father is kidnapped by Iranians inside Iraq, the Iraqi police are too busy with the incursion of their borders to investigate the kidnapping. Tom and Mikhail decide to follow the trail of Alexander and rescue John.themselves. They are helped by Mikhail’s twin sister, Mariam, the spirit of Tom’s mother, the time-traveling Alexander, his right hand man Hephaestion, his teacher Aristotle, a Yezidi healer, a Kurkish warrior and a Samoyed dog the boys rescued in the market place–among others.  Using the “can-do” of the American and the “Insh’Allah–god willing” of the Iraqi, The boys and their dog travel into the wilds of Kurdistan on the adventure of their lives as Iran and Iraq head towards war.

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