A Time To Reap




by Therèse Amrhein Tappouni

Epic events Maureen Manley never imagined catapult her into a quest: a search for the Grail of herself. A virtual movie between the covers, this transcendent, mystical novel results in a triumph of desires realized and outgrown dreams released. By turns breathtaking, passionate and heartbreaking, you will believe again that love—at any age—is possible. Through the emotional and physical challenges of her passage, and the courage of her daughter, Maureen uncovers new levels of meaning. The result is the birth of a fully intentional life. A Time to Reap is a family story of the power—and vulnerability—of three generations of women. These unforgettable characters enter our lives and change us forever.

From A Time to Reap:
“Heat seared her body without warning, as it had been doing for some weeks. Sweat trickled between her breasts, an unfamiliar vertigo causing her to hold tight to the altar railing. The statue seemed to sway on its pedestal, and the right hand lifted toward Maureen. She froze in the midst of the radiating heat, watching the look of compassion on the virgin change to one of warning. And then she heard a voice, a voice that reverberated inside her rib cage. There were no words, but Maureen knew what she had been given. She would give birth one more time. This time she would birth herself.”

“In the tradition of renowned contemporary women authors like Isabel Allende and Maya Angelou comes an intuitive voice with a moving story about the relationships women share with each other, their children, the men in their lives and the impact these relationships have on their identities. As old as The Odyssey and as new as Rocky…”
New Age Books/Book Reviews

“A moving work of fiction that is sure to touch the hearts and minds of all women. An excellent read!”
Laurie Wandrie, New Age Journal  Book of the Month Selection

“A mystical novel exploring the lives and development of mother and daughter, each growing through their own traumas, dealing with myth and wisdom in their search. Well written and full of insights.”
Recommended reading by The Messenger Magazine

“The vibrant and sensual prose brings each step of the saga alive to all five senses in this enthralling and uplifting story.”
Reviewers Choice from  Small Press Bookwatch

“In this eloquently written, well paced book, Tappouni keeps the reader captivated with her remarkable storytelling ability.”