Welcome To My World

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

From: The Summer Day by poet Mary Oliver

Welcome to my world.

Here I will share a bit about me and hope that you will trust your heart’s knowing and adventure further. Going to the heart—being “whole hearted”—is at the core of everything I teach and the way I choose to live my life. It helps that science has now acknowledged the brain in the heart and the power and passion of the heart’s way, but didn’t we know this all along?

The heart of things.

We say: My heart is breaking; That goes to the heart of things; Don’t take it to heart and Heart-felt on a daily basis without even registering that we are affirming the fact that our heart is our first line of emotion, healing and communication. Through rigorous training, many of us have learned to go around the heart and deal strictly through the brain’s logical processes. As we can see from the disconnection and chaos in our world, this way of being is not working. My life’s passion is to help us reconnect to other beings, and our purpose, through healing our heart’s wounding— especially that caused by grief and loss.

My clients tell me they are stressed.

This catch-all word describes more than a bit of anxiousness. The word stressed describes a state of full-system attack. The body is releasing toxic chemicals in response to feelings of fear, anxiety, loneliness and disconnection. Living stuck in the stress state is the number one cause of disease and doctor visits in the U.S. My training in HeartMath™, Somatic Intuitive Training™, and hypnotherapy has prepared me to help, but my life experiences of loss and grief are the personal journey that led me to you. The death of a child, the death of a long marriage, two accidents and a bankruptcy plunged me into the depths of grief and also became a catalyst for discovering the gifts of recovery and a full life. Thank you for coming to my website. Tell me, how may I be of service?

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