Staying Optimistic

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The times are difficult, for sure, with all that flows into our lives via television, videos, games, phones and other things I’m not even cognizant about. If we choose to, we can focus on those things that are positive in our world, such as friends, walks in the neighborhood, family that we love, and many more. It’s hard to over-ride the messages of the world to allow in the love of the Universe, but it can be done. Simply find a quiet time to sit alone where you won’t be disturbed. Take this time to breathe deeply, relax your shoulders and your body, and just begin to notice your breath going in and out. If you have a lot of thoughts chasing around inside your head, tell them you’ll get back to them later, but would appreciate it if they would take a temporary backseat. Then begin to breathe in thoughts of peaceful places and times in your life, letting them wash through your body in feelings of peace and contentment. Sit quietly, just letting these feelings flow through each part of you, relaxing every part of your body and filling you with a sense of serenity that is missing when you are on high alert. You can do this anytime, including in your office. Close your door and hang a sign that says “Please come back later!” These few minutes a few times a day can save your life. They will lower your blood pressure, stop the flow of harmful chemicals into your cells, and produce beautiful alternatives that make you feel grateful and loving. Until next time, many blessings.

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  1. I’m smiling to think that this is one of the main things I do with my horses, especially in these winter months. . . standing next to each of them and breathing together, time slows, my mind quiets, awareness expands to the hills rolling out around me, and I feel my self, my center once again. Yummm. Thank you for this reminder of how to stay optimistic.

  2. Lin says:

    I was just released from a psychiatric hospital where I underwent 5 episodes of ECT (Electric Convulsive Therapy. I was there because I was in a complete psychotic breakdown and as part of that, I was cutting myself all over my stomach and my thighs. I am not a teenager or young adult, I am 65 years old, and still trying to cope with the grief of both of my parents committing suicide. I have tried to kill myself a number of times, but have chosen not to because in about 4 weeks, I will be a brand new grandma!!!! We are having a granddaughter very soon. Has it just been this that has kept me from killing myself? I don’t think so. I do not want to pass this legacy on to my sons. I’ve chosen to live in spite of the grief.

    Thank you for your wonderful, informative web site.


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