Safe in the Light

Today is a day that will live in infamy for women and those who love them. This morning I recited a mantra from the Oracle Cards that said: “It is safe for me to be seen. I shine my light.” This afternoon that became an untruth. One of only three women allowed to serve as a Republican Senator, confirmed we are not safe. Her name is Susan Collins.
Senator Grassley, Republican head of the judiciary committee was asked why there were no women on the Republican side of the committee. He said that it was hard work, and required going to meetings. My past life as a mother, PTA mom, Little League chauffeur and cook and employee was denied. As a woman, I must be too weak to attend meetings! Given the presence of Democrats on the committee, does that mean Democratic women are tougher? After the vote of Susan Collins, that is a fair question. The Senator from Alaska cast a vote that could end her political career. The Senator from Maine caved. The Democratic Senator, a male, caved.
The truncated so-called investigation into Judge Kavenaugh was as white-wash for him and the abuser-in-chief who has bragged about his conquests. It makes me ashamed, but when our president warned that it is a terrible time for young white men, I became enraged. All those women pleading for a hearing on the thousands and thousands of documented acts of sexual abuse and rape were denied. We saw a whining juvenile privileged white male claim ignorance of his past and trash the reputation of a woman with courage who came to testify to his power-over behavior to her when she was fifteen years old. Women came out of the shadows, speaking of brothers, classmates, athletes and others who had assaulted them as young women. And we chose what? The ruling class chose to deny them their day in court and swept them to the curb. A female Senator made it official. For the rest of his life, this man will have control over the bodies of women and the so-called truth of sexual harassment. What a terrible day for this country. It is a time to reap. We must choose not to cave but to fight for Truth and Justice.

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