Resilience in Challenging Times

At stressful times in my life—illness, loss of loved ones, divorce—I have always turned to the mystical. It wasn’t until I trained in HeartMath® that I found solid footing in the ways of the heart that backed up my mystical propensities. The scientists at the HeartMath® Institute spent years studying the physical, mental and emotional experiences generated, and reflected by the body heart, in the energy of the body. Their research showed beyond a doubt that what we feel emotionally—not what we think—expresses in our attitudes, health and stress levels. As I began training clients, I saw unbelievable changes once the tools were applied to this new system. No longer were people with PTSD or grief or pain trying to “think away” their situations with positive thoughts. They now knew a better way.

Continuing discoveries of the similarities of the heart’s magnetic field and the earth’s magnetic field, and how they reflect and react with one another, was a seismic change in the treatment of stress and heart disease. These studies led me to my writings about “Global Grief”, a real phenomenon created when enough people on the planet are feeling fear or sadness at the same time to affect the field of the earth. Studies of 9-11 are fascinating in how the magnetic field of the earth showed earthquake-like changes as people joined in fear and mourning. That’s the subject of another blog. It’s enough to know that we are made of energetic vibrations and so is our world.

So what does this mean for our resilience? We vibrate like a tuning fork to the energy we receive, allow, and give out. Choosing our emotional reactions by tuning into our hearts is a whole new way of conserving and creating positive energies. The old definitions of resilience, and one that most people will recite if asked, is the idea of bouncing back. The HeartMath® tools teach a process of storing powerful positive emotions and experience, as we would store energy in a battery, so that our resilience is kept at a high level. We don’t need to bounce back. We only need to draw on our resources and use the tools to constantly restore energy to our resilience batteries. The vibrations of our feelings, emotions and attitudes come alive through our beliefs, choices and even our environments such as home and office. For that reason, tools that raise our resilience capacities are essential to getting us off the emotional roller-coaster presented by life.

I’m going to share one basic tool to get you started. I will continue this subject in my blog next week.  Whenever you begin to feel like your batteries are getting low or stress is getting to you or you’re going into a meeting that usually produces stress, try this quick pick-me-up. Some people will go into the restroom at work for a few minutes to do this.

  1. Sit quietly, breathing deep into your heart and the space around your heart. Inhale to the count of five, exhale to the count of five. You might like to see your breath as a color. (This action will slow your heart rate)
  2. Find a memory of a time when you felt appreciated or loved. Breathe the feelings or emotions into your body that you felt then as you continue to inhale deeply. Feel it throughout your body, but especially in your heart.
  3. Now sit quietly for a few minutes, enjoying this feeling of being appreciated. When you return to work or whatever situation you were in, you will feel relaxed and ready.

Have a great week!

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