In with Breath, Out with Stress

I’m excited to have you here. My goal is to present you with useful and loving information to inform and improve your daily living, and to respond to your questions and feedback. In this blog, I’ll focus on HeartMath®, and later I’ll include my other trainings. Several years ago, I added the title of Licensed HeartMath® Provider to the modalities I use with clients. The excitement of being trained in a science-based modality that uses the heart-brain and its connection to the head-brain as the source of wisdom fit in so beautifully with what I have always believed to be true. Yet I never had hard proof to offer. Intuition, energy and magnetic waves of information, the knowing of the heart, the cooperation of the body—all were demonstrated by my clients and in my world. The scientists at HeartMath created an evidential way to see the truth of these pieces of the puzzle of healing. Not only that, they offered a simple way to address stress in every moment of every day.

Most of my work in HeartMath takes place on the phone through a four week course, but I also work one-on-one in person and add it to other ways I am working with clients. It’s absolutely the most amazing and lasting stress relief I have every encountered. Whenever I work with a client, I first pay attention to their stress level. I choose one or more modalities to work with their stress. I will be providing tips with each blog to help you engage with relaxation and peace throughout your day.

Tip of the Day:

To begin, you are simply asked to “notice” your body, your breathing and your reactions.

As you go about your day, silently ask yourself: “Where are my shoulders?”, “Where is my breath?” (In other words, are you breathing deeply into your chest or abdomen or shallowly into your upper chest?) Whenever you feel your shoulders are high and tight,  relax them. The goal is to feel your upper body loosen. If you are breathing high or shallow, drop your breath and your shoulders will follow. Next, add an emotion to the breath. For example: Breathe in peace, breathe out gratitude.

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  1. Lin says:

    Dear Therese, I wrote to you probably a year ago at the request of Sandy Grossman. It regarded my own grief through losing both parents to suicide and the loss of my first baby boy. I am so thrilled to now see that you have finished writing “The Gifts of Grief.” I plan to order it from you as soon as possible. Thank you so much for all the help you are to so many people. It is through our own grief and pain that we are able to help others. I want to be one of those helpers myself whether it be through my writing or public speaking. Through the counsel of Sandy, I have come to learn that I, too, have much to offer to other people who are suffering loss and pain.

    Thank you, Therese!

  2. Theresa Singer says:

    Dear Therese,I ordered your book some time ago but have just started incorporating it.I lost my 31 yar old son two years grief didn’t allow me to read books about it.Too painful,too everything.I began yoga at my daughter’ urging and it truly has been a godsend.I had a heart episode last summer,ablation.I literally have the broken heart syndrome .Will do heart cath this week.All this after loss.I think the heart math would help me.Are you in Florida? I live on the west last of Florida.I would be interested in workshop,session,ect.Thank you so much for your heart of sharing.
    Theresa Singer

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