Today, I remember to be grateful. What a small thing that seems to be, but in the midst of the mind and media chatter of my days, it’s something I have to be mindful of. A practice of gratitude is so easy and super rewarding. As I think of the first thing I am grateful for, a waterfall of people, places and happenings flow into my heart. It becomes difficult to slow them down and savor them as they arrive. Knowing that everything I experience is a gift certainly adds to the volume!

For those of you who noticed my absence, I have been studying to become a certified HeartMath trainer. Last week, I received my certificate and license and I am now authorized to work with groups—corporate, non-profit and people in my own practice and workshops. Because I believe so heartfully in the work of HeartMath, it has been my desire to reach more people with this wonderful gift. Now I can! The program is scientifically based on the power of the heart-brain and the necessity for the brain, heart and emotions to be in sync for us to operate at our highest ability for our highest purpose. This process is called “coherence” and means daily resilience in the face of stress. Building our internal resources is like charging our batteries. I am thrilled that HeartMath is now being used in the military to heal and strengthen our returning veterans in ways they never dreamed. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to share this amazing work.

I encourage each of you to have a practice of gratitude. You don’t have to stop what you’re doing at work or at home, but simply breathe into your heart and say “thank you.” The purpose of breathing around and into the heart is that it is scientifically proven that where we focus our breath strengthens the organ we are breathing over or around.

In the midst of playing with a child or a dog or preparing a meal, it’s so easy to be grateful. Sometimes I look at the beautiful greens and tomatoes I’m preparing for a salad and feel such gratitude for the fact that I can just go to the store and buy them—or get them from my daughter’s garden when I’m in Jacksonville. Then I immediately see my daughter, and her siblings, and the gratitude swells in my heart. When a challenging person comes into my day, I am grateful that I am not in their angry space and I send peace from my heart to theirs. That is a powerful practice! I am grateful to each of you who take time in your busy day to read what I’ve written. I send you appreciation and love.Therese

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