Good News! We’re Home!!

For those of you who thought we fell off the face of Mother Earth, have no fear! We are here–it was our website that had to be brought back to life. We have moved to Jacksonville, Florida, where my three daughters work and thrive. We are working out of offices at Breaking Ground Contracting (which also has an education division) owned by my daughter Mary. Last night we were hosted at a meet and greet there. What a wonderful community and support system! Already I have been blessed to speak to groups from women in construction to a veterinary staff to, soon, a coaching group here in town. Once we learn how to get around in a river city–rather than one bound by the Gulf of Mexico–we’ll be good to go.
Lance was hit by a drunk driver a couple of years ago, and life had consisted of doctors, lawyers, and other satellites having to do with recovery. We are now able to deal much better with these since we sold our house and no longer have the care of a home and an HOA! We are renting joyfully in the Riverside area, within walking distance of the river, the park, Publix, Starbucks, restaurants and people out for a stroll with their dogs. We have been met with welcome and kindness and are falling in love with our new spaces.
I will be writing, as always, about heart, energy and the world of humankind striving to not just survive but thrive. I hope you find me again and we resume our relationship. Meanwhile, never fear change! At 76 years of age I have found it exhilarating. Blessings! Therese

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