Bring Your Heart to Work

It’s time to recognize the strength and power of the human heart. It is not a false hope or a fallacy. Our hearts are the center of our being, creating a coherent and courageous place to go for true awareness and feedback in every sector of our lives. Today we’ll focus on the workplace, where we have been encouraged to leave our heart in the closet. The heart referred to is the made-up valentine heart of lace and sentimentality—not the powerful engine of our body that contains neurons that reveal our emotional strengths and vulnerabilities to us through our feelings and send messages to the brain concerning those feelings.

“Almost every spiritual tradition and all of the major world religions talk about the heart being the access point to the soul, to the human spirit, to wisdom, to intuition…and the research is really starting to show that they’ve been right all along. The heart’s activity responds and changes before the brain does. The heart sends measurable signals to the brain, which then responds.” Dr. Rollin McCraty, head of the research team at the Institute of HeartMath®

We live in a new time—a time where science has begun to see the heart the way philosophers and writers have seen it for centuries. So how does this affect our approach to work? What if the heart’s intelligence can lead to new and intuitive approaches to leadership and work ethic? What if it can also lead to new ways of teamwork and support systems? Rather than the dog-eat-dog competitive workplace we have seen for generations, science supports a workplace of cooperation, respect for intuition, and connection. I have lived to see it, and I am so grateful to have been led to this work. Having a company called Whole Heart™ is a sign of strength through coherence and resilience. I am blessed to work with so many people who revel in their new-found heart. So how do we use this in our work?

First, use the tools that I have been sharing with you, and if led, work with me to further integrate the heart’s purpose into your life. Secondly, we become aware of the difference we can create in our surroundings through our heart’s energy. The magnetic field of the heart surrounds the body and can be measured three feet outside the body by a magnetometer. (It probably extends a lot further, but the instruments to measure that don’t yet exist.) So imagine. Each time your heart beats, it sends a message into your field that says how you are in that moment. Your field touches into the fields of everyone in your home, at work, at a networking meeting or even a convention. So you are feeling them and they are feeling you. What if enough people focus on sending energy out that is positive and uplifting to those around them? Think of the results of thousands of a people in an arena when they are pleased with what’s happening. The “love fest” grows exponentially. You can do this purposefully in the board room or the lunchroom. My next blog will give you specific tools to do this exact thing.

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