LEAP! Workshop



Come join us at the LEAP! Workshop to be held in Jacksonville, Florida on February 7, 2015. You will learn to co-create a new vision for your life–a vision that is healthy, passionate, loving and part of your life purpose. Guided by Therese Tappouni, licensed HeartMath Trainer and author, this group of 15 women will create a safe and sacred space where you can be true to yourself and your vision without judgment. In this space, we will set personal goals and create balance in our inner and outer lives.  Therese has trained individuals, non-profits, women’s groups and corporata groups to handle stressful people and situations with grace. We will build on the tools of HeartMath, the teachings of energy and intuition and the knowing of the teachers and mystics about this coming time. This workshop will change your perception of time and space and what you are here to accomplish. Please join us.

Sponsored by: Mary Tappouni and Breaking Ground Education   www.breakinggroundeducation.com

Where: Breaking Ground Education, 4218 Highway Avenue, Jacksonville, FL 32254

Time: February 7th, 10:00 a.m.-5:-00 p.m.

Cost: $199.00 includes lunch and all materials and follow up.

For more information: Mary Tappouni: 904-388-1350  ext. 214     Therese Tappouni: 805-231-0184

Register at: www.breakinggroundeducation.com