The Intelligence of Our Body Energy

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The Intelligence of Our Body Energy

This morning I am feeling impatient and agitated, wondering what is going on in my emotional body to create these feelings. For a while, I leave my computer where I’m trying to work on my latest book, and sit in silence. Since I am a HeartMath® Trainer, the first tool I go to is my heart, asking the question: “What is the source of this aggravating buzzing energy?” I reflect on my day so far, and nothing reveals itself. I look back to last night and realize I didn’t sleep well. I tossed and turned and found it difficult to concentrate on my usual meditation. So, what did I do before bed? What energetic thoughts or feelings did I allow into my space? And why? My training leaves no doubt about the importance of surrounding myself with positive energy. Everyone and everything carries an energetic imprint. I am always aware when I enter a space that the energy of those in the space becomes part of my energy. I will move away when I sense a powerful negative energy coming from a person, or a group of people, and send a strong message to my own energetic body to set up a protective barrier around me. As a parent, I was conscious of the shows I allowed, or didn’t allow, to come into our home. So what broke down in my awareness?


I had watched MSNBC’s presentation of Donald Trump’s town hall meeting. It was much more important to uncover the “why?” What led me to subject myself to that television event? Again, I come to the soft spot in my feminine self that has led to issues most of my life–fairness. It’s a point of honor taught to me through my education, my family and my religion. Jesus taught us to be fair! Often, even when I hold a strong opinion I attempt to listen from the heart to the other person’s opinion. How can I learn if I only hear one side of the story? There is a big flaw in this heart-based reasoning when we take it too far.

The heart is strong and fearless, but the heart is not asking us to subject ourselves to things or people that create negative emotional states in our bodies. Just like I avoid a negative sucking energy in a networking group because it’s healthy for me, so should I avoid political or educational “opportunities” that I know will challenge my peace and stable energy. Imagine your energy field extending eight feet, or more, beyond your body—as it does. Now see it coming in contact with the energy field of another person. If that person is sending you love or at least wishes you well, your energy will strengthen. On the other hand, if the person has a jagged, angry or judgmental energy—see this visually—it has the appearance of attacking your calm and peaceful energy. In this way, you are invaded by the other person’s anger or judgement. If this is true, and it is, on the personal level, it is also true on the global level.

Science has shown that the fear experienced globally on 9/11 affected the magnetic field of Earth.

The energy of that town hall with its dark vision of “them vs. us” had an effect on my energy that carried over until this morning. I learned, again, that I have an obligation to my health and well-being to monitor who and what I allow into my energetic field. What comes into that field has an impact on my emotional and physical body—the same reason stress affects our health. It’s important for all of us to remember how we are connected body, mind and spirit and to live accordingly. Even those of us who teach it have to be reminded. The body is a good barometer for our behavior, and warns or rewards us accordingly.



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