Newly Certified HeartMath Trainer

Those of you who have been reading my posts know I am so excited to be a HeartMath Practitioner. I have just taken new training to become a Certified HeartMath Trainer, allowing me to teach this work that I love to corporate, non-profit, military, health and education groups. I am doing two new groups in Jacksonville later this week and am so excited to begin this new era of my teaching. I’ve been fortunate to learn about this amazing process, guaranteed to teach the client a new way to live in the stress-filled world of today–through the heart brain. The power of the heart is something I had no idea about until I discovered the teachings of HeartMath and the science of intelligence. I’m grateful to all who supported me in this, especially my partner and my children and even my ex-husband, who were instrumental in getting me through this process.

Though my brain is older, it has become much more supple through the process of study. I am also thrilled to be involved in the Global Coherence Initiative, a non-profit group through HeartMath whose goal is to take all of the heart coherence we can muster and send it to those in the world who need our empathy and support. In the process we are changing the magnetic field of our mother, Earth. Life is a blessing, and I know it more every day.

HeartMath Provider

HeartMath Provider

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  1. Juliane says:

    Hurrah, that’s what I was seeking for, what a
    information! present heere at this weblog, thanks admin of this site.

  2. Therese,
    Your journey and story will surely add to the greater good. My heart connects to the spirit which emanates from the openness you offer.

    I am sure that the heart connection led training of HeartMath will create breakthroughs for all of those who seek to learn from you. Feedback about ourselves is important; combining our emotional self with physical health concepts to accept our past and present troubles will always release stress and produce more vital energy for each of us.

    Having an experienced guide with expertise who knows the internal struggles can only increase the chance of success.

    Be well.

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