Make Your Own Choices!

As a HeartMath® Trainer, Counselor, SIT™ Practitioner, Coach, Grief Counselor and author, I am often asked what I find most useful in the day-to-day navigation of life. What I learned over the years was often taught unconsciously through being a daughter, a spouse, a mother, a professional woman and someone active in my community. Without a map, I seemed to navigate through the heart. I never, ever, believed in the superiority of the brain, though throughout my life I have continued my education and my search for knowledge. It always seemed to me that in my quiet moments of contemplation—and with six children those were rare—my heart and intuition could guide my emotional life in a way the brain could not. That’s why, after my son died a violent death at the age of eleven, the advice and direction of counselors fell on deaf ears. Intellectual dissection of my emotional despair had no value. I went to the world of meditation, accessing my heart when so many voices yammered “do this” or “do that” around me. Eventually I found counselors I could talk to that also trusted the intelligence of the heart.

I now teach heart intelligence one-on-one (in person or by phone) and in groups focused on subjects as varied as coaching, grief, animal protection, construction and accounting. It is important to me that my writing, speaking and coaching all come from the heart—in cooperation with the brain. A healthy life is a life where the energy of the heart vibrates with purpose and ease, and sends messages to the brain that support this intention. In these conversations with you, my readers, my intention is to share with you the way of your strong intelligent heart so that you will radiate health emotionally and physically. People of all ages, beginning with small children and into old age, benefit from this knowing. Active duty military and first responders carry special notebooks that teach resilience and coherence through the HeartMath™ techniques. It is a time of great encouragement even as we deal with the dark side of the world—that’s because we know there is another way. Would love to hear back from you.

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