“I cannot believe that the purpose of life is to be happy. I think the purpose of life is, above all, to matter; to count, to stand for something, to have it make some difference that you lived at all.” 

—Leo Rosten, essayist, humorist, academic



The Gifts of Grief: Finding Light in the Darkness of Loss

This is an essential book for anyone impacted by grief–and that means nearly everyone. Unlike any time in history, the darkness of grief flows in daily through our televisions and aboard our social technologies with fearful accounts of personal and global suffering. Over 90% of medical visits in the United States are for stress-related symptoms. We are seeing record levels of depression and anxiety, even in children.

MeditationsBlurbIn “The Gifts of Grief”, Therèse shares compassionate tools that guide anyone safely through their grieving and into their healing. With personal and professional wisdom, she teaches the reader not only to overcome grief but also to discover the gifts—and meaning—that await each of us on this deeply personal journey.

“The Gifts of Grief” is beautiful and moving. I worked with Therèse when she provided her poetic interpretations of my music for the recent CD release “Tapestry”, and quickly learned what an exceptional writer she is. A kindred spirit, I feel Therèse addresses the same quality my music does. I do not try to analyze my music, other than that it is from the heart, for the heart. Therèse’s writing does this effortlessly and we all benefit from her wonderful talent of unearthing so beautifully the ways of the heart.”

—Michael Hoppé, producer, composer, musician, creator of Grammy™ nominated CDs and the beautiful award-winning short film “Nous Deux Encore” (Together Again.) His work has been short-listed for an Oscar™.


The Promise

Before we were born, we made a promise as to whom and what we would become on earth. Life’s occurrences reveal the soul’s purpose, which can only be discovered through telling your truth and recognizing when you are out of step with your real purpose. The Promise is a guide to remind us of our goal of reaching that purpose.

“Therèse writes with moving insight about her life-changing experiences…I am honored to have my music featured as a soundtrack to this life-affirming journey of the heart.”
Michael Hoppé, Grammy Award–nominated composer

“Profound and moving…a revelation of beauty, wisdom, heart-breaking and heart-aching personal experience.”
Peggy Rubin, Director of The Center for Sacred Theatre


Walking Your Walk

Through the influence of her workshop participants, Therèse has created a book that can be used as a reference or consolation during times of crisis or a normal day. The book is divided into two parts—the inward spirit and the outer spirit—making it easy to choose the day’s reading. There are exercises and affirmations for those who like a more directed approach. A wise and gentle voice becomes a companion on the journey that all women walk, letting us know we are heard, we are honored and we are already home.

From Walking Your Walk:
From Section One, Chapter Two: “Choice”
“Choose to change your perspective. If there is nothing in the current situation that adds to your life in a positive way, walk away. Walk away with love, but walk away. The others involved in the situation will be no more productive than you if you have looked with a whole heart and found nothing there worth saving. You must allow others those same choices. I don’t mean you have to understand those choices. Sometimes that is not possible in the moment. Later, perspectives will change again and you may find Grace where there was grief. Again, the message is all about being true to yourself the best way that you can, in the moment. Notice what you do to create a life of conscious choice, and give yourself credit if nothing else is happening in the moment but your noticing. That may be enough, for now.”

Today, I vow to look at everything from more than one point of view. I have the autonomy of looking in a new way and changing my thoughts.

“This is a wonderful book…one that I keep by my bedside. It always has a new message for me.”
Kate Daniels, host of Exceptional Women on 106.9 FM, Seattle, Washington

“How do I find time for myself, my spiritual life? Of course, start by reading Walking Your Walk.”
Michelle Mercker, host of Southland Today, KDOC TV, Irvine, CA

“This book is written as a woman’s guide, but this (male) reviewer found wisdom for both sexes. If you’ve been seeking a better life, rich in guidance, spirituality and profound insight, I urge you to read this book.”
Richard Fuller, Senior Editor Metaphysical Reviews

“A great resource for a women’s group! This is the type of book one keeps, underlines, refers to again and again…buys for their friends, either in times of need or as gifts.”
Writer’s Digest

Walking Your Walk provides help for women on how to reconnect with themselves and enjoy life’s journey. Therèse shares ways to hone creativity, forgive, love and connect with children, mate and community. Recommended.”
The St. Petersburg Times


A Time to Reap

Epic events Maureen Manley never imagined catapult her into a quest: a search for the Grail of herself. A virtual movie between the covers, this transcendent, mystical novel results in a triumph of desires realized and outgrown dreams released. By turns breathtaking, passionate and heartbreaking, you will believe again that love—at any age—is possible. Through the emotional and physical challenges of her passage, and the courage of her daughter, Maureen uncovers new levels of meaning. The result is the birth of a fully intentional life. A Time to Reap is a family story of the power—and vulnerability—of three generations of women. These unforgettable characters enter our lives and change us forever.

From A Time to Reap:
“Heat seared her body without warning, as it had been doing for some weeks. Sweat trickled between her breasts, an unfamiliar vertigo causing her to hold tight to the altar railing. The statue seemed to sway on its pedestal, and the right hand lifted toward Maureen. She froze in the midst of the radiating heat, watching the look of compassion on the virgin change to one of warning. And then she heard a voice, a voice that reverberated inside her rib cage. There were no words, but Maureen knew what she had been given. She would give birth one more time. This time she would birth herself.”

“In the tradition of renowned contemporary women authors like Isabel Allende and Maya Angelou comes an intuitive voice with a moving story about the relationships women share with each other, their children, the men in their lives and the impact these relationships have on their identities. As old as The Odyssey and as new as Rocky…”
New Age Books/Book Reviews

“A moving work of fiction that is sure to touch the hearts and minds of all women. An excellent read!”
Laurie Wandrie, New Age Journal  Book of the Month Selection

“A mystical novel exploring the lives and development of mother and daughter, each growing through their own traumas, dealing with myth and wisdom in their search. Well written and full of insights.”
Recommended reading by The Messenger Magazine

“The vibrant and sensual prose brings each step of the saga alive to all five senses in this enthralling and uplifting story.”
Reviewers Choice from  Small Press Bookwatch

“In this eloquently written, well paced book, Tappouni keeps the reader captivated with her remarkable storytelling ability.”


Me and Green

In gorgeous, glossy color, this is a beautiful book that empowers children, teachers and parents to love and nurture Mother Earth. Through information and skills from recycling to school projects, Me and Green is a one-of-a-kind creation of an award-winning author Therese Tappouni, in collaboration with a Green building entrepreneur and an educator. Recommended by principals, reading specialists and green advocates, you’ll want to buy several for the children, teachers and parents in your life.

A collaboration of award-winning author Therèse Tappouni; State of Florida Small Business Person of the year in 2009 and owner of Breaking Ground Contracting, Mary Tappouni; and educator, reading specialist and director of Breaking Ground Education Services, Catherine Burkee. Mother and daughters, their commitment to children and the planet led them to begin this series of books to help children discover their own ability to impact Mother Earth.

Through the use of illustrations and examples from real life, the book guides children, parents and teachers to exercises and examples that are easy to use, understand and implement in the real world.

“A visionary journal of natural science that invokes both the wonder of our shared environment and the perils it faces. Embracing the resilient world of nature, Me and Green explores the science behind conserving and protecting our most precious resources. An absolute must read if you value the vision of a sustainable world for your children…An essential addition to any school library.”
Kim Bednerak, Associate Head of School, Discovery Montessori, Jacksonville

Me and Green addresses the children who will love and make a difference to our Earth, and includes a special section for teachers and parents, along with a section of useful websites for parents and children. Many examples are as simple as recycling in prepaid bags through Terracycle, planting small gardens and creating a home and school environment that supports sustainability.


book-nightThis is a gorgeous book of sensual poetry written by two people in relationship to each other—one call and one response at a time. This book has been used by many couples to write their wedding vows. Never before a book of such beauty and craft written by two people in love who happen to be poets. You will not want to put it down. Night Gardening is divided into sections, each one illustrated with lush photographs, available in full or partial color.

Section I: Tender Invitation. A section devoted to poems written while on the search for the soul-mate beloved.
Section II: First Embrace. A poetic journey into the liquid flow of love from the first meeting, and the tentative and courageous steps into choosing love.
Section III: Drunk on Your Words. The first of two of the more erotic sections, rooted in the physical love of the newly mated couple.
Section IV: Night Gardening. The second section that is rich in the language of sexual connection layered with a deepening commitment to the couple’s love.
Section V: Love Letters. This chapter details feelings engendered by closeness and the fear that closeness can arouse in us, along with the sadness at times of separation.
Section VI: Ecstasy on the Journey. This is the rest of life’s journey as a soul-mated couple—the times of deepening, the times of spiritual growth through love, the journey to the end of this life.

I feel your garden growing moist
within my hands. Rock and rest
with me upon a dancing land.

–from “Full Moon” by Lance

you bring me flowers that wet
the sheets, live forever, anoint
you with the scent of love.
-from “Roses are Enough” by Therèse

Night Gardening is great. Your loving passionate relationship turned me on. The images took me away. I wanted to steal them!”
Marty Balin, songwriter, founder of
Jefferson Airplane, lead singer for
Jefferson Starship

“You gave me goose bumps!”
Mario Machado, host of the PM Show,
CRN, Los Angeles

“Thank you for your luminous, loving books. They are as inspiring as they are evocative of who we are and what we may really be.”
Dr. Jean Houston, internationally
honored author, scholar, philosopher.

“Bravo! Here are poems for the heart. May the rich and touching images of Night Gardening nourish your soul as they do mine.”
Alan Cohen, internationally known
teacher, musician, workshop
director and author.

“…a fabulous and energetic variety of poems about love, passion and beyond. Well done!”
Writer’s Digest