Being in a World of Doing

Being in a World Obsessed with Doing                                                                            by Therese Tappouni Thoughts are our inner senses   Meister Eckhart When I began this blog, I had no idea that within 48 hours Lance and I would be driving through an intersection two blocks from home and be slammed by a speeding car blowing through a stop sign. My intent of writing about “being” turned into days of “doing:” insurance, tow companies, doctors, monitoring levels of pain and paying attention to emotional issues around “Why me?” I have always said “Why NOT me?” but saying it and believing it are different areas of the brain/body system. I advise my clients that comparing their wounds to those of others is a useless endeavor and leads nowhere. All of my teaching tools are coming in handy! And, because of another setback to my mobility, the subject for this blog speaks to me even more convincingly.… MORE